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Alien Trax Profile


In amongst the clichéd snare rolls, monotone basslines and amyl nitrate charged vocals of hard house music, there lurk a few labels with a difference. Enter Max the Alien Thing and Paul Amino. Since 1996 they have been producing a constant stream of consistently groundbreaking, pumping, funky hard-house/trance. In 2000 they released "The Missing Files" the first ever Alien Trax album mixed by Max and Amino.

It all began in 1996 with seminal hard house release Alien/Chemical Imbalances. This, their first collaboration (and Alien Trax 01), was immediately jumped on, and subsequently caned, by such hard-house heavyweights as Pete Wardman and the late, great Tony De Vit.

Since then, Alien Trax has boasted releases by such underground stars as Karim, RR Fierce and Lab 4. Remix work has seen Paul and Max lending their talent to such names as Phantom, Brainbashers, Lab 4 and Captain Tinrib.

Now on their 30th release, exlusive on MP3, the aliens have many more in the pipeline. It also sees them cementing their position at the forefront of the new hard-house sound with offshoot label, Human Trax and 2XS Recordings.

With a studio move and upgrade early in the year, Alien/Human Trax's & 2XS already high level of quality and productivity has increased further, in turn attracting a host of both new and established talent to the label. This injection of ideas is helping to take the labels in new and exciting directions, and the coming months will see releases by many new artists.

There is certainly a lot to look forward to. Max's DJing continues to pioneer the hard-house and trance sound, with guest slots both abroad and at home, and with his residency at the legendary Fish! night. Alien Trax and Human Trax continue to go from strength to strength, with releases by such artists as DJ Simon Eve (fellow Fish! resident) and Alex James, Lee Jeffries & Justin Bourne and of course The Alien Thing himself. Most importantly, Max and Paul continue put out original and intelligent tracks, designed to devastate dancefloors everywhere.


Alien Trax Discography    
Alien / Chemical Imbalances Max & Amino ALN001
Elvis / Trigger Happy Max & Amino ALN002
Stimulation / Kommissar Smart Alec ALN003
Epica / Pink Bits / My Brain Entity ALN004
Transexual / Mr Spy Max & Amino ALN005
Mass Hysteria / Max & Amino Remix Karim ALN006
Acid Bambi / Last Laugh Max + Amino ALN007
Back To The Top / Max & Amino Remix RR Fierce ALN008
Slap Down / Max & Amino Remix Nish ALN009
Chemical Imbalances Remixes Max & Amino ALNR001
3 Little Pigs / Puppet Master / I Got Max & Amino ALN010
Keep On / Alien Gate Scandal RR Fierce Vs Max & Amino ALN011
No More Music / Let The Bass Kick Max & Amino ALN012
Reformation II / OD404 / Oberon Remixes Lab 4 ALN013
Pump The Funk / On Your Feet Max & Amino ALN014
Fiends From Planet X / Pro-Toss Max & Amino ALN015
Dust Till Dawn / Son Of The Son Max & Amino ALN016
Mind Control / Get Out Of My House Lab 4 ALN017
Spiral Time / Flow Aliens meet Bondy ALN018
Off the Wagon / (Randall & Wharton Mix) Max & Amino ALN019
For Real / The Lost Plot Max & Amino ALN020
Super Saw / Automatic Alien Thing & Alex James ALN021
Tequila Hooker / Slippery Nipple Max & Amino ALN022
The Missing Files Alien Trax Compilation ALNCD001
Sucker / Kiss Me (I’m a slut) Max & Amino ALN023
Transsexual / Let The Bass Kick (Remixes) Max & Amino ALN024
Elvis (Original) / (Big Hair Remix) Max & Amino ALN025
Payback Time / Max & Amino Remix DJ E-NRG & Carbon Based ALN026
Ride Me Like a Pony / (Amino Mix) The Alien Thing & Mark Bongwah ALN027
Strap on Jesus / Captain Fish Cake The Alien Thing & Mark Bongwah ALN028
Popowaba / Alien Jab Max & Amino ALN029
Human Beings / The World Max & Amino ALN030