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Max Alien Thing's new Techno Mix (2006)  
Unreleased tracks MP3 clips all at 128Kbps All tracks available for licensing contact
Hard House/Hard Trance   Any feedback welcome here  
The Alien Thing The Master The Recyclists Too Deep
The Alien Thing & DMF Groove & Move The Alien Thing Hellboy
The Alien Thing Batty The Alien Thing Tail End Charlie
The Alien Thing Door Bitch Max & Hoover Groover Master of Sounds
Max & Bongwah Mr Beefy Max & Bongwah Shot
Max & Bongwah Pull The Trigger Max & Bongwah Dirty Girty @ #30
Max & Bongwah Intimate Max & Rubec Logical
The Recylists Arriba Von Bolle (Original) The Recylists Arriba Von Bolle
Narc Gable Acid Killer Bees (Original) Narc Gable Acid Killer Bees (Alien Mix)
Max & Damage Control Catch Me The Alien Thing Madness
Max & Rigs B Rattle My Monkey Max & Dirty Pony Pony Rides Again
The Alien Thing Crazy Max & Rigs B Dolce
Mix CDs 2004 also on    
Techno Max Alien Thing    
Hard Trance Max Alien Thing    
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